Fuck the world, give me power.

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Brittany/Kuro. 20. Libra Sun, Virgo Moon. Wiccan. Wolf. Furry. Pansexual. Individualistic.
Happily taken by Kyle<3 since 4/30/12. :)

Wolves, Cats, Animals, Harry Potter♥, Astrology, Books, Art, Drawing,
Anime, Kawaii things (≧ω≦), Stuffed animals, Spirituality (Wiccan and Native American),
Crystals and minerals, Cartoons, Disney, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Star Wars,
Characters of all sorts, Autumn, Spring, Hookah, cigs, & 420.

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Anonymous asked: what is a FTMTF



My sex is female, but my gender is male…but, I’m happy in my female body. So I’m like an MTF, but in gender-terms rather than sex terms.